PingFu Iris 1.0

PingFu technology helps you bypass proxy servers and firewalls
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Applications on the internet use different ways to communicate between your computer and their servers. Applications that require reliable communication use the TCP communication protocol at the expense of performance. TCP connections demand that every packet sent is acknowledged by the recipient, and retransmit any packets that are lost along the way, thus increasing the latency you experience.
PingFu Iris, developed for these applications that use the TCP protocol, enables them to be tunneled with minimum latency from behind firewalls or to bypass proxy servers. It also minimizes packet loss, and eliminates all possible overheads in order to tunnel TCP efficiently.
PingFu Iris builds a secure bridge over the HTTP protocol from your computer in your home, university, or corporate network to our high performance servers in the USA or Europe, wrapped in 128 bit encryption. These servers then relay the data from your computers to the desired TCP application server - be it a gaming, web, or IM server.
Our servers ensure your anonymity by hiding your IP from the application servers you connect to - all that they can see are IP addresses from our server farms. This protects your privacy while using any application, or playing any game.
PingFu Iris traffic appears like normal Internet traffic to bypass firewalls, and is low in volume - ensuring that it does not look suspicious to any person monitoring network traffic.

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